Friday, February 16, 2007

SAP GUI for Windows 7.10

On 5th of February 2007 new version of SAP GUI for WINDOWS has been introduced. As I mentioned in my article called Short history of SAP GUI you need this version of SAP GUI to access SAP systems based on “SAP Web Application Server 7.10 / NW Application Server 7.10”.

A list of SAP GUI for WIN versions as a prerequisite for accessing SAP functionality in systems based on SAP WAS:

  • SAP GUI Win 6.20 with all SAP systems up to and including systems based on WAS 7.00 (with the exceptions being BI 7.0 and SCM 5.0 systems).
  • SAP GUI for Win 6.40 with all SAP systems up to and including systems based on WAS 7.00.
  • SAP GUI for Win 7.10 with all SAP systems up to and including systems based on WAS 7.10.
  • You can not use SAP GUI for Win 6.20 or 6.40 SAP systems based on WAS 7.10.

You can obtain this version of SAP GUI via SAP service support portal. Then navigate yourself to downloads area->Installations and Upgrades->SAP Frontend Components->SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS-> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.10 CORE. Put two following components put to your download basket:

50083078_4 NW 2004s Presentation - 7.10 Compilation 1 Present. 1/2 379566 kB – contains main executable files

50083078_5 NW 2004s Presentation - 7.10 Compilation 1 Present. 2/2 210375 kB – contains SAP GUI for the Java Environment Release 7.00 rev 2

Right after that you can start with the downloading it via SAP Download Manager:

Version 7.10 of SAP GUI comes with following new components:

  • SAP web dynpro Active Component Framework (ACF) - framework to integrate Active Components (ActiveX / Java Applets) into the Web dynpro. It is not a generic framework that allows integrating any component available into web dynpro. Instead, for every component that should be integrated into Web Dynpro there must be a specific adapter which in turn uses the ACF services. At the present there are two supported Components:
    • Office Integration
    • Adobe Integration

In the case of windows the adapters are written as ActiveXs. These ActiveXs can be installed onto the end user PC via an installation program "xACF.exe" provided by SAP.

  • BI pre calculation service for MS Excel – you can install BI frontend as a standalone.
  • SAPSprint – server-based printing on Windows (formerly SAPLPD)
  • SAP GUI Screen Reader Extension – an interface allows a screen reader to access the SAP GUI object model at runtime and select the required information for speech and Braille output. It is based on SAP GUI Scripting API.

I selected a standard installation of GUI therefore I started:

X:\NW_2004s_Presentation\PRES1\GUI\WINDOWS\WIN32\SapGuiSetup.exe from first file 50083078_4. Here’s a selection of GUI components:

If you have used older version of GUI installed on your computer already you don’t need to de-install it first. Setup program will do this automatically.

Some of new features:

· In case GUI was installed from an installation server users have the possibility to enable automatic update from this server.

· System tabstrip of SAP Logon pad has a new popup window with tabstrips:

As well as a wizard for new shortcut to SAP system creation.

New frontend editor for ABAP programming. Is integrated to ABAP workbench (TA: SE*), SE38, SE37, SE24). Its new user interfaces and is completely customizable. Frontend editor integrates all modern code editing features like: code hints, code completion, . It is a universal programming tool and works with most programming languages with defined syntax schema, such as ABAP, eCATT, BSP and so on. It is fast, flexible and easy to use. Is available with SAP GUI for Windows 6.40 Patch level 10 or higher however, you need SAP system using NetWeaver 2004s since basis version 700 - SAP Application Server 7.0.

  • New debugger – has a high volume of new and known functions that can be called using menus or icons. It requires an additional external session where it runs. By usage of this session has certain handling advantages as well as advantages with regard to resource consumption. It is possible to process an unlimited number of data objects simultaneously and their visibility depends only on size of screen.

Have fun with new SAP GUI :-)

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