Monday, March 30, 2020

Writing data into cube in delta mode

If there is a need to write data from ABAP code (e.g. from some UI technology like WebDynpro) there are a function modules like RSDRI_CUBE_WRITE_PACKAGE and RSDRI_CUBE_WRITE_PACKAGE_RFC to support that. The FMs are writing so called planning requests “Request w/o InfoPackage (APO Request)” means that particular cube needs to be set to transactional (real time) status.

It is not very well known fact that these function modules support also writing data in delta mode. By specifying input parameter called I_DELTA (to TRUE value), the system first calculates delta as difference between the data that is already present in the cube and data that is to be written into the cube. All characteristic tuples are evaluated of data set.

There are two prerequisites that must be fulfilled by the cube while using the delta function:

1. It works for cubes that contain cumulative key figures only and the cube is not a non-cumulative cube.

2. The delta feature must be permitted explicitly in the cube. It can be set on in the t-code in RSDCUBE. The flag “Delta Load Allowed with RSDRI” is stored in table RSDCUBE-DELTA_LOAD.

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